5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Receive In Home Tutoring During The Summer

Warning Straight talk – Despite what your child may think, you, as a parent, are in charge of your child’s education even during the summer. 1 to 3 hours a week will benefit your child by catching up and keeping up on those weak and challenging subjects. Without in home tutoring over the summer, your child will walk into school as lost in challenging subjects as when your child left. No one wants that.

Aloha, I’m Rick Kirkham

A dual certified teacher originally from Illinois and a certified substitute teacher here in Honolulu Hawaii. I learned how to control and even use my ADHD. When I teach school, my ADHD students do well. I can show them study and reading techniques that help me and I can discuss, with experience, the challenges that we have.

Rick I Already Know My Kid Will Keep Bugging Me and Say He/She Doesn’t Want Tutoring

As a parent myself I feel for you. It’s easy to give in and I’ve been guilty of that myself. I normally suggest a reward that your child only receives after tutoring. This reward should not be taken away as a consequence for misbehaving. Always keep rewards and consequences separate. This will also help remove the multitude of excuses I’ve heard especially from teenagers as to why they cannot have tutoring that day. No tutoring – No reward. Period.

5 Tutoring Over The Summer? Why Not Just Wait Till Next Year ?- The Building Block Effect

Especially in subjects such as math and English, when your child starts school next year it’s already assumed he/she knows and understands what was taught. Now your child is further behind. Trying hard to understand what he/she was supposed to learn last year which is now a building block for what your child is learning this year.

4 Getting More Behind

I know I just mentioned it above, but I wanted to give it its own heading. Struggling to learn what was taught last year so your child can learn what is being taught this year is a downward spiral. I’ve seen students just give up and not do a thing due to all the pressure of trying to learn last year’s and this year’s lessons. I’ve even seen them turn to acting out since the children had given up on getting attention for receiving good grades.

3 Getting Ahead of a Tough Subject

If you know your child is going to have a difficult time in a subject get him/her started now! There’s not a darn thing wrong with giving your child an edge when you know a subject is going to be tough for your child.

2 Keeping The Learning Mindset

It’s hard for some students to get out of summer vacation mode. Even after two weeks, some students are still struggling with getting used to doing homework again and waking up early to go to school.

1 Getting Ahead In General

There are go get em parents that simply want their children to be ahead of the curve. Nothing wrong with that because eventually, those children will reach a sticky point. The study techniques taught to them during summer in home tutoring will help the children with that sticky point.

Here’s The Sad Part

The majority of parents who need me to help their children with summertime in home tutoring WILL NOT see this article. Would you please help other parents by letting them know about my in home tutoring service specializing in ADHD and sharing this article on social media?

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