Indexing Bodies For Academic Journals – Top 10 Indexing Bodies

A journal is a platform where research works are presented for scrutiny and discussion. A lot of academic journals are online journals and this means that researchers would have to submit their research online either in a format accepted by the Journal they are submitting their research.

Academic journals are ranked by impact factor which simply means the relative importance of a journal within its discipline. As a journal manager, helping to increase the impact factor is one of your core responsibilities and one of the ways by which you can do that is to ensure that your journal is indexed by top indexing bodies.

There are numerous indexing bodies that can aid increase your impact factors but note that the more authoritative the indexing body, the higher your impact factor would be also, we would like to also state that there are numerous ways by which one can increase the impact factor of a journal and indexing is not the only way.

Some of the top indexing bodies that we can recommend for any academic journal include:

There are other indexing bodies so do not limit yourself to the indexing bodies outlined above also, it is important to make use of platforms like OJS that would aid in indexing.

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