Without a Father at Home: Single Mother

A family, according to Biblical texts, consists of two people: the husband and the wife. The children are expected to be raised by both parents. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one parent may be obliged to take over the role of the other. This might occur as a result of the death of one parent, the release of children from wedlock, or a divorce that leads the two parents to remain estranged. However, the focus of this research is on the benefits and drawbacks of being a single mother.

According to Mackay, mothers who are left to care for their children find it difficult to fulfill their own obligations as well as that of a father (2). In homes where a father used to exist and was the sole breadwinner, the children would be distraught if he died suddenly, because the mother would require a long time to be able to perform her husband’s responsibilities without feeling pressed.

When women were assigned to caring for children in previous decades, widows found themselves between a rock and a hard place since they were unable to work, resulting in great hardship for the entire family. Some chose to beg on the streets, while others relied on relatives to feed them.

Poverty can promote moral degradation in a family because a mother may turn to prostitution to support her family, and her daughters will follow in her footsteps.

The mother may be committing this sin unintentionally, but when anything is practiced for a long time, it develops a culture that can be passed down to future generations. It’s tough to cope with such a situation because there’s no one to teach the children discipline, so they’re free to do anything they want because their mother doesn’t have time for it.

Miller and Ridge contend that, aside from indiscipline, children will be deprived of fatherly love. Furthermore, the mother will face difficulties while dealing with the sons because there are certain aspects of males that she does not understand, and if the father were around, he would be able to counsel the boys with ease.

Most dads protect their children from immoral behavior through the authority that is given to them; however, once a father has passed away, the mother will not be able to achieve the same outcomes since moms are kind, and thus the children will not be scared of their mother. Because it is typical for girls of single moms to become pregnant at a young age, the absence of a male figure is reflected in the children of such homes. Because some of their sons drop out of school owing to a lack of funds, they may grow up to be seasoned bullies.

Daughters reared without a father, according to Bergman, may not see the importance of marriage as they get older because they are unaware of the function of a father in their life (1).

This is because guys who date their mothers are unconcerned about them because they are only dating them to satisfy their sexual urges. Some of these males defile these women’s daughters since they are unattached to them. In addition, because fathers are the ones who combat intruders, a household without a father is regarded unsafe.

Despite the aforementioned issues, children of single mothers tend to be active thinkers since they make decisions on their own the majority of the time, and some excel in school as a result of their great desire to lift their families out of poverty. Unlike their contemporaries who are used to witnessing their parents quarrelling and fighting in their presence, children of single parents enjoy a cool environment free of quarrels.

More women are making a decent living nowadays, and they are capable of meeting their children’s requirements even if their husbands are not around. This means the kids will have everything they need, and because some of them are disciplinarians, they will make sure the kids are properly behaved.

As a result of the study, it is critical for parents to make plans for their children in any situation. Apart from the death of a single parent, husband and wife should endeavor to limit the causes of separation as much as humanly possible. This is significant since the disadvantages of raising a child without a father exceed the benefits.

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