Surviving in a county jail in USA

“How to survive in county jail in the USA?” Have you ever asked this question yourself? No matter how much you read articles and stories about jails or prisons, you won’t really know how to survive inside unless you experience it firsthand.

It is important for you to know that a jail and a prison is different from one another. A jail sentence is enforced by the government in response to bad behavior and wrongdoings. A jail and a prison is different in a sense that prison is far tougher compared to jail. A sentence in jail can be for months or years, but those in prison generally stay behind bars longer than those in jails.

Watching movies and TV shows related to jails or prisons can make you think a lot about surviving a sentence in a jail. Here are some survival tips and guides that may serve as answers to the question: “How to survive in county jail in the USA?”

Preparation is the key:

Before you set your foot inside the jail, make sure that you have everything set and bring all your essentials with you. Since you will serve time inside the jail, better sort your finances, business, and other agendas you have before leaving them for some months or years. Make sure to bring money inside the jail since it will help you a lot in different situations. Bring anything that is essential such as medicine. It is required to bring books and reading materials as well.

Stay fit and connected. Bulking up is necessary, and it can help you whenever you are caught up in serious business inside. And of course, you should not forget about your family. Memorize their numbers or list them in your book once you get inside the jail. It won’t be easy to call your family members or other people once you’re inside, but at least if it’s your time to call, you won’t forget any of their numbers.

Be in your best behavior:

Being in your best behavior does not mean you have to be gullible. Being in your best behavior can help you be liked by wardens and inmates alike. Be respectful and polite to all people you meet, but still be alert and never trust the inmates or workers around you.

Never speak about your charges:

You want to be a person who survives his sentence in jail, not the one who gets beaten up or dies. Be low-key as much as possible in terms of your charges. Most inmates look down on people with certain charges.

Surviving violence:

If you have friends inside, other inmates won’t try to bully you since they know there are people watching your back. It isn’t necessary to have friends, but it can be easier for you if you have some. Still, even if you do have friends, be sure to trust no one completely and always watch your back in any move you make.

How to survive in county jail in the USA? Prepare, be strong, and stay out of trouble.

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