How to Survive in Women’s Prison?

Nothing can be more difficult for any person than being in prison for the first time. Newly incarcerated people, especially women, often experience intense anxiety, confusion and fear. The mere sound of slamming bars echoing through the prison can make anyone feel terrible.

Prisoners in the United States get only an inadequate level of healthcare. There are also other humiliating and life-threatening incidents that can potentially happen in jail such as medical neglect and bodily harm inflicted by other prisoners or even the guards themselves. Women prisoners also experience human rights abuses. This article will tackle some of the tips on how to survive in women’s prison.

Some Tips on How to Survive a Woman’s Prison

•Nurture your mind, body and spirit

Prison is one of the most stressful places for a woman. Being inside the prison cell without knowing what’s happening in the outside world can put too much stress on your mind, body and spirit. As you spend your time behind bars, you need to develop a routine that keeps the balance between all these three. You can continue gaining more knowledge while in prison, but you also need to keep your health in check.

•Always keep a positive attitude

In prison, people will treat you based on what attitude you have. There is a fine line when it comes to your attitude. For example, if you come across too tough inside the prison, you may find yourself caught in trouble. If you come up too good or weak, people will take advantage of you. What you need to do is to keep a positive attitude towards everyone.

•Keep a steady line of communication with the outside world

Make sure to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones. You can send them a mail or give them a quick phone call if possible.

•Learn to play by the rules

A prison can be considered a community as it is composed of diverse group of individuals. Just like being a part of any community, you need to know who is who and where things are located. You will need to learn and abide by the rules: both written and unwritten.

•Be a good listener and only talk when necessary

This is one of the things you need to do when you want to know how to survive in women’s prison. You need to be a keen listener. Do not talk if you don’t know what’s happening in your surrounding as you may get yourself in trouble.

•Choose your friends wisely

Some people who served jail time believe that a prisoner does not need to find friends. They believe in the idea that if you get inside by yourself, you also need to get out by yourself. However, it does not hurt to have someone whom you can trust. Having a good camaraderie with the right people can help you understand more about prison life. Being with the wrong people can only lead you to get hurt or even get you more time in jail.

Final Thoughts

A prison is a place that can be cruel, but you can still make the best out of your misfortune. A prison can be a difficult place for a woman as human rights abuses are pretty common in this place. Simply follow the tips mentioned above on how to survive in women’s prison and you will have no problems.

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