5 Important Things To Know About How To Survive In A Juvenile Detention Center

Do stories about how to survive in a juvenile detention center freak you out? Are you worried about how you can survive a day behind the prison bars?

It’s never easy to be locked up in a cell, but there are some things you can do in order to endure your time in jail.

Respect Others

Whatever reason you have for being inside the prison, bear in mind that you need to be respectful towards other people, especially the prison guards and staff. Many inmates break this rule and find themselves in worse trouble than they are already in. Respect other inmates and prison staff by watching your words and avoiding meddling with their business.

Watch Your Attitude

Juvie is not a place to act like a baby or a spoiled brat. Follow the rules religiously. Don’t disregard police guards when they ask you to do something. Whether you like it or not, your life depends on them once you are already inside the detention center. You cannot do anything else besides behave and be obedient with the authorities.

You should involve yourself with as many activities inside juvie as you can. You may also be required to do voluntary works and community service. No matter how you feel about it, perform your duties efficiently and diligently.

Social Interaction

Prison time is quite depressing. Many inmates believe that solitary is an effective way on how to survive in a juvenile detention center. However, that is not always the best option for teenagers. Some ill-natured teenage inmates try to bully silent, introvert prisoners. You become an easy target if you are always alone. Don’t join any type of gangster. Socialize with others by joining sports and other activities inside the jail.

Prepare for the Consequences

Prepare yourself for the consequences of getting into juvie. It’s never too late to change your life goals and start doing the right things. Unfortunately, your friends may not think the same way. If you get into prison, you might lose a few friends in a short span of time. It could be their personal decision or their parents’ order. Whatever the reason, you need to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.

While inside juvie, make plans on what to do once you get your walking papers. Think about the things you can do to avoid going back inside the facility. It might take time for some people to trust you again but that’s part of the consequence that you need to face and endure.

Learn Your Lessons

There are a few positive things inside prison and one of them is access to excellent education programs that will help you make the most out of your life. Take advantage of these programs and pay attention to what they teach. It will never be too hard to learn about how to survive in a juvenile detention center if you are willing to change for the better.

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