Pros and Cons of Homework

While homework assists students in their academics, it stops them from enjoying quality time with their families and friends. People have been suggesting different things about homework. While some suggested that schools should ban homework, others suggested that schools shouldn’t ban homework. Kindly read on to have a better idea of both sides of the suggestions about homework.

Advantages of Homework

Once students complete their assignments at home, they can discuss the results with their teachers. Schools that offer homework have a good chance for communication in the classroom.

Practice makes perfect. Homework assists students in preparing for good grades in tests and exams. Students who do homework regularly have higher chances of understanding concepts that they learn in the classroom.

Homework discourages students from postponing things since students always try to meet up with deadlines in assignments. It trains their willpower and makes them more responsible.

Parents can monitor their kids while they do homework. In the process, parents will know how their kids are performing in their studies. They can identify some areas where their kids are weak.

Disadvantages of Homework

After students spend about 8 hours in the classroom, they should rest when they get home. Unfortunately, students don’t get enough time to rest because of homework. An average student spends more than an hour on homework every day. This practice not only stresses students physically but also stresses them mentally.

Students hardly have time for social life. After school hours, students stay in their homes to do homework. As a result, some students don’t develop good communication skills. Some become timid and reserved. Some don’t even get enough time to mix with their siblings and parents in the house all because of homework.

Complicated homework and deadlines make students feel pressured. This pressure makes students lose passion and become less effective in their academics. No wonder some students hate going to schools.

Some students don’t do homework themselves. Instead, they ask their parents or siblings to do homework for them. Students don’t take homework seriously, so some students do homework just to obtain marks and not to gain any knowledge. That’s why some students forget everything about homework immediately after they submit.


As you’ve seen, there are two different sides to this issue. Those who see the importance of homework focus on the qualities it impacts unto students. While others see how it can harm students’ health and deprive them of social life, the side to take is up to you, but ensure you study both sides carefully and impartially before you decide anything.

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