Learn to Include Page Numbers in PDF Documents – Organize PDF Files

In this article, we will learn how to include page numbers in PDF files. The page numbering technique comes into effect when one needs to organize the PDF files and retrieve data from it. So read the article to know some unique methods to get your PDF documents page numbered easily.

Have you heard of Adobe PDF? It is one of the most popular organizations to deal with PDF files. They have gathered all possible ways to work over a PDF and use it for sharing all forms of data. This application at the first came up with the technique of bates stamping PDF documents. This requirement came into existence from the usage of PDF for data sharing.

There is an application known as Acrobat officially provided by the Adobe family to work on the PDF files. This application provides a facility to deal with the PDFs and also to add page numbers in it. You can try this application to include page numbers to PDF files easily.

Acrobat PDF to Easily Number Pages in Documents

The acrobat application has the facility to insert bates stamps or page numbers on a PDF file. It also offers the facility to get all the PDFs organized in a single process through batch processing. Usually, a page number is placed at headers and footers, so this application offers to place the page number on the PDF. In addition to this, you will also find it interesting that the application supports to add bates numbers on protected PDF files.

In the case of PDF documents with protection, you need to insert the password each time a secured PDF is selected for page number insertion.

IMPORTANT: If you need to add page numbers in PDF and the Security Password is unknown, try SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. It is easy to use, has the same functions and even more over the Acrobat PDF to include Page numbers to PDF. Also, remove the encryption from the file without a password entered.

Steps to Add Page Numbers to PDF File

This will add the page numbers to all the PDF files inserted for this process. Please note to insert the password whenever asked for it. Otherwise, Acrobat will leave the process uncompleted. There is also a facility to save the PDF file at a new location. Just go to the Output options and mention the destination to save the PDF file after inserting bates numbers.

Does it Cost Any to Include Page Numbers to PDF With Acrobat?

Using Adobe Acrobat application, you can easily add the page numbers in the PDF documents. But this process is not free. Adobe counts a subscription price to give this functionality to the PDF users. The license can be for a month or a year as you subscribe to a plan. This license needs to be renewed to work with this function for life long after it gets expired.

Adobe Acrobat offers a free trial to use all the functions of it by the user for a period of 30 days. After the free trial period is over, you have to get the subscription activated to further use the function to insert page numbers in PDF file.


In the above article, we have learned a unique facility to include the page numbers to PDF files. The SysTools PDF Bates Numbering Tool is one of the leading applications to add bates stamps to the PDF file. Use this application to efficiently work over the protected PDF files without entering passwords. And get Acrobat to serve your PDFs using the above process discussed.

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