King Henry VIII College, International School in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Education is very important in the development and success of individuals as well as nations. You need the best educational institutions to provide high-quality education for the success to become real. Choosing a good institution may be difficult because there are many available choices but if you can find a track record, you can be sure that you have the best option. King Henry VIII College is one of the schools that have proof of quality education even though they are still new. They are a branch of another school, Christ College that has been around for over 100 years.

Christ College is a private school based in the UK and it was founded by King Henry VIII. The type of education they offer has helped many people to become successful in their respective career paths. This success is what has led to the opening of King Henry College VIII in Malaysia. The school is not only meant to pay tribute to the founder of the original school but also to be the British education system to Malaysia. Although it’s referred to as a college, the school is suitable for young children starting from the age of 3.

The Malaysia based school intends to be bigger and better than their UK based counterpart. The school aims to provide international standards of education to improve the chances of its students becoming successful. They aim at instilling good morals, ethics, and education in all their students as they prepare them for the competitive world. Although it is an international school, it also admits local students thereby providing the perfect platform for them to learn about other cultures and experience diversity. The students are taught the essential skills such as tolerance, perseverance, hard work and honesty to help them survive and thrive in the world.

Given that the “sister school” is one of the best UK schools, enrolling your child in this school will allow them to be the best. There is an exchange program between the two schools, allowing them to share experiences and other important lessons. The collaboration between the two schools allows students to have a glimpse of how the real world works thereby preparing them so that when the school they are ready for any challenges they may face. This school makes it possible for your child to attend a British international school without having to travel to the UK. They use the same curriculum and have similar practices as Christ College.

The school is currently open for admissions but they are very selective about the students they admit. It is a day and boarding school that you can visit during the official working hours to find out more. The types of infrastructure available at this school are impressive, just like the co-curricular programs offered. They also have the best caregivers and educators for your child. The amenities are suitable for children of different ages ranging from 3 years to 18 years, allowing them to focus on helping students harness their full potential. They don’t just focus on classwork but also ensure the child’s talent is harnessed. All these show that this Private school is the ideal place for your child’s educational needs.

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