Can You Crack NATA If You’re Not Good at Maths?

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is conducted to test the applicants for their architectural aptitude, their knowledge about different materials & finishes, scale & proportion, basic English &Maths, as well as drawing skills.

But many students worry about the Maths part, being not so good at Maths. So, the question arises – “Can I crack NATA if I’m not good at Maths?” Well, of course, you can!

If you’re reading this, then you must be someone who is either preparing or thinking to prepare for NATA but is not confident about it. So, here’s something to calm your mind for easy preparation and confident execution.

First and foremost: Know the exam pattern.

Part A will have questions testing your aptitude and Maths. You should know about the Buildings in India and the World, Important architects, Building materials& terminologies, Logical reasoning, and General Maths questions like area, volume, etc.

Part B will have drawing questions (2D or 3D) to test your grasp on the scale, proportion, balance, harmony using different pencils and colors, etc.

Next: Figure out your strongest and weakest point.

At this point, you can see that maths consists of a small part in the NATA exam. Practice each type of questions regularly. Once you figure out what you’re good at, practice those type of questions less and Maths questions more often; Because although Maths questions are less in number, they are very important. The more you give a correct number of Maths answers, the higher you go on the merit list. These are secondary education level Maths questions; the more you practice, the easier it gets.

Finally: Take mock tests

After practicing every type of questions thoroughly for days and months, you need to take mock tests to learn time management. There are many mock tests and previous year papers available online to choose from.

When you follow all of these steps properly and practice each type of questions thoroughly, I assure that you can crack NATA with absolute ease, even if you’re not good at Maths.

At last, I would like to advise, remember to eat healthily & sleep soundly to increase concentration and prevent anxiety.

I wish all the applicants all the very best!

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