Choosing the right Nursery in Dubai for your child

Picture this…

You receive the news… You are pregnant! The excitement sets in. Your thoughts swing from wall colours to nappies. Nine months seems like a lifetime to wait for the arrival of your little one, but before you know it your baby is being placed in your arms and that’s when the real fun begins. The roller coaster of parenthood is filled with beautiful, rewarding and challenging moment. Toothless smiles, gurgling sounds and those first attempts and words and taking the first steps quickly turns endless feeds and sleepless nights into a distant memory.

One of the many decisions you may face is choosing a nursery or preschool for your child in Dubai. Selecting the right learning environment for your child, may seem like a daunting task so give yourself time and start the process early. Before you ask the Google-guru for assistance, take a moment to set the scene in your mind. Imagine what the environment of the nursery will be like, how teachers will interact with your child and how you as a parent will fit in the picture. Once you have this framework in place, it’s time to begin your search!

You will be spoilt for choice once you get started as there are endless choices. Recommendations from family & friends, search engines, Facebook and Instagram provide you with a platform to begin your search. A great way to narrow down your selection is to consider factors such as curriculum, location, cost, timings and if required, whether transportation & food is provided. Creating a clear picture of what you can afford, which curriculum you’d prefer, how far you are willing to travel and timings required, will drive your search questions. Pick your top 5 choices, schedule a tour and get ready to be flooded with information!

Think of your tours as speed dating sessions. Each nursery has a short period of time to make an impression on you. Every nursery will highlight areas that they excel in, in order to impress you. They want you to be wowed by their happy children, vibrant staff and phenomenal facilities. They want the relationship to continue beyond the initial tour. Nurseries will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Be confident, ask questions and be nosy during this time. It is up to you to ask the tough questions to encourage the nurseries to reveal their ethos and values and see if it aligns with your expectations. Take notes! You want to be able to jog your memory later, as you weigh up the pros and cons of each nursery.

Later when you sit down with a cup of tea, a pile of prospectus’s and your tour notes, try to recall how you felt at each location. There is no harm in asking for a second tour once you have compiled a shortlist. Remember, you know what is best for your child. Go with your gut feeling and apply to a nursery that you feel will suit your child’s needs. Forging a relationship with a nursery is one of the first investments you make in your child’s education. Choose wisely!

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