Why is Engineering so essential in Modern Day India

For lifetimes, engineering has manifested our wild visualizations and imaginations into the physical reality. Ages ago the innovation and design of the wheel can prove to be one of the greatest examples of how engineering has shaped our modern world. All the more, after the industrial revolution, the significance of engineering and engineers in our society is undeniable.

This era of information that we live in would’ve been unfathomable without the presence of engineering and it’s inventions such as microprocessors, automobiles, airplanes, the light bulb, electricity and a lot more. And it’s quite practical to say that without engineering the development of human society and civilization would’ve stagnated completely.

In the olden days, it was much harder to educate one when it came to becoming an engineer, one had to do a lot of hard work, research and striving to do so but these days there are many eminent engineering colleges in India and all around the world. And getting admission in Engineering in India isn’t too difficult of a job you basically need to clear a JEE Main entrance exam with good scores and you’re in. Although there is literally nothing in this modern world which doesn’t have engineering’s footprints on it, from the chair on which you are sitting right now to medicine, aeronautics and much more.

The Supremacy of Engineering around different Sectors in the World:


When it comes to medicine and medical sciences, we usually have an image of a well-qualified doctor, a biologist, etc in the back of our minds. But to your surprise, medicine and engineering are far more interlinked than you can ever imagine! From pacemakers, heart monitors, CT scanner and MRI to your medical thermometer, it’s all the play of medical and engineering industry.


Have you ever imagined how the power grids are designed? How the high-voltage electric current causes no harm to your gadgets? Well, thanks to the electric engineers at play. And it is all because of the elevation in electrical engineering and technology sciences that in the last few decades’ humans have been able to generate eco-friendly energy from sources like sun’s solar power and wind and hydro energy.


With the absence of civil engineers in the world, the Chenab Bridge, Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal, and many more to count would not have been possible! Engineering has eminently created the infrastructure and buildings of human civilization and believe me, it’s not a small thing! It is because of those civil engineers that we enjoy the comforts of our homes, well-constructed roads, and canals, build bridges, dams and much more.


The reduction of pollution, cleaning up of contaminated air, rivers, and other water bodies and land as well; also the supply of drinkable water which is suitable for human consumption has been the breakthrough offerings of the environmental engineers and scientists. Also, environmental engineering is coming up with amazing methods to fight back pollution and industrial waste prevalent in the environment.

The future of engineering and engineering students is very bright as there are many streams that an engineering student can opt for these days such as telecommunications, automotive, electrical, biotechnology, etc. all these being offered by many great engineering colleges in India.

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