Online Education: 5 Key Trends of 2018

Online Education: 5 Key Trends of 2018

There’s a Tesla flying in space, and most of us still don’t use technology to the fullest. Online education gives unlimited possibilities for cheaper and high-quality knowledge and professional growth to anyone with internet access. It would be stupid to refuse to accept all the good stuff progress brought us to upgrade your skills.

So, what’s trending in online education in 2018 and how to get the most benefit out of it? The perks of remote studying are that you can simply systemize your study flows and make it comfortable yet still effective.

Plan your time right

Video lessons and remote classes bring the freedom of choice. You can study whenever you want but this could also become a mess if you don’t manage it properly.

It was said a thousand times before, but time management is crucial not only for effective work but also for you to have enough time to relax and give your body and mind some rest. Let’s check some good tools that can save your time. Get things in order in four easy steps:

Be social

Sky’s the limit if your goals are set right. You can always find a senior student to be your mentor. Their tips and recommendations could be real lifesavers for you. Training younger students also can be a good practice to strengthen your knowledge.

Find a study buddy. If the professor didn’t plan for your class to study in groups it doesn’t mean that it’s restricted. Moreover, it will bring a good outcome. Get yourself a study partner in class. You can split the amount of work and do it faster. And remember that great ideas can be born in an intelligent debate.

Feed your mind

If you have plans to become a pro in your field, following trends in your major is a key skill. You can find some interesting sources to get the latest professional news, and this will help you get in touch with experts in your profession. Follow:

Be creative

Mix thing up and get a better result. Don’t stick to one way of learning, combine tools and techniques. The curve of forgetting concept states that you remember 80% of new information only if you revise the material within 24 hours, and 100% if you will do it again in a week. Try to connect this concept with changing ways of practice. Learn to use new information in different ways: mind mapping, discussion with a partner, writing a short essay, etc. Make your knowledge flexible and strong, you have all the opportunities.

Get extra knowledge in nonprofit programs

The idea of online education is to make it convenient and accessible to anyone. And as this industry is developing and growing, now you can find a lot of free courses and lectures on the web. Use them to become a real pro.

Online education was made for those who are always hungry for the knowledge. Be passionate, don’t overbook yourself, and you will reach your goals easily.

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