Top Educational Tools to Share with your Friends

The world of education is developing rapidly, with lots of new tools developed every week. Discovering the possibilities provided by such tools for a classroom is certainly exciting because they make the process more engaging and fun for both students and teachers.

In this article, we have gathered ten best educational tools that you can share with your friends who are involved in education to make their activities more advanced and exciting.

Description: It is an advanced online encyclopedia that works just like Google but instead of providing sites with information, it automatically generates all essential data. For example, if you type “Venus” and hit enter, Wolfram Alpha will generate all characteristics of the planet, missions and flybys, position in the solar system, images, and lots more. All knowledge is thus greatly systemized.

Who would benefit from it: teachers, K-12 students and college students regardless of courses. However, it could be used for all levels of research.

Advantages: it makes advanced knowledge accessible and computable and provides visual representations.

Description: if you’re looking for a great math tool to share with your friends, you have just found it. Desmos is an advanced math online platform that calculates and graphs functions and has digital activities for math class. It also allows to create your own math activities!

Who would benefit from it: Any student and teacher who learns/teaches math.

Advantages: Desmos is a completely free tool that provides advanced possibilities for math class. By using it, one can make math fun, accessible, and interactive.

Description: this is one of the most popular tools for creating quizzes and questionnaires for any possible subject. Lots of various functions to select from, Kahoot can make learning fun and engaging because it is designed to promote friendly competition in the classroom. For example, two groups of students can be created to use Kahoot to tests their knowledge of history.

Who would benefit from it: Teachers and students of all ages.

Advantages: the tool is designed to run on a variety of devices and has a lot of visual aids. Moreover, it brings a lot of fun and allows teachers to get an in-depth analysis of student performance. Already, there are around 30 million unique users of this tool.

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