Your Kids Playroom/Bedroom

Do you have a separate kids playroom? Or is it combined with the bedroom?

There are many designs, groupings and decorating ideas for this very important part of your house. Whether you own or rent your home, you will still be faced with making these rooms inviting for your kids. There are a lot of things to consider when decorating these rooms.

These rooms can be done on a budget or be an expensive undertaking. You will need to determine what you think it will cost. Then you can start looking for ideas. Browsing local stores or using the Internet will give you many ideas. There are a lot of shelves, storage bins and combinations of them available. Some are very reasonably priced so you do have a choice when determining how much you will be spending.

You will need to decide on a color theme. You can go with boys colors, girls colors, or use a neutral color. Also you can go with the color of your child’s favorite characters. This might be the color of action toys for boys, or princesses for girls. You will want it to be a versatile color so you will be able to update accessories as your child gets older.

With this decision made, you can now decide what type of bed you will have. These will range from cribs up to a regular beds. There are all kinds of themed beds available. Some are cars, carriages, round, loft beds, canopied, beds incorporated in a playground loft complete with a slide. The designs are endless!

Once you have the bed picked out you can find sheets and curtains. These will totally transform the look of the room. You can use basic sheet sets and comforters which will coordinate with your chosen color theme, or you can use the many available character or movie themed sets.

Next you will want to consider the type of lighting needed in the room. It is important to have a nightlight or lamp to make your child feel safe. A light is needed over a work or play area. There is a large variety of lighting for children’s rooms.

A lot of themed rooms have matching desks/chairs or a chair which is solely your child’s place to sit. They can pretend to be their favorite hero or heroine in “their” chair. This creates a fun time for them. A clock of some sort is nice to have for them, too. Younger children can learn numbers and how to tell time.

If you haven’t used a color scheme when you painted the room, you might consider putting appliques, stickers and posters on the walls. These can reflect your child’s interests and will help make the room a happy place for them.

If your child’s room is large you can consider a shelf and storage bin divider. This will create a play area as well as storage for toys, books and favorite display items. If there is a collection of specific toys, they can also be put on shelves attached to the walls. Some rooms are large enough to set up race tracks, train sets, small tents, doll houses, toy work benches or kitchen sets. This makes a fun atmosphere for children.

Creating this special place for your child will make his/her life fun and exciting. You will become their hero! Always try to keep in mind that it will be your child’s room and work for what will be best for him/her. Also try to plan ahead for the changes that will be made as your child grows older. Foresight will save you money in the long run.

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