Traditional Wooden Toys Best for Early Childhood and Development

The millennia is a proof that, “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” Toys affect a child in the early stage of growth and development. Every child has its own perception and understanding when it comes to playtime. It’s the best way to teach, discipline and groom them from their early childhood. Play is natural for a child and parents should encourage them by providing proper toys as they start growing.

Researchers suggest that the way children play with these playful items stimulate their development and growth. Perhaps, traditional toys are more beneficial than the modern technological ones. The modern electronic items either have a specific start and end or a single purpose. Whereas, traditional pieces are less restrictive, allowing the child to use the power of thinking, activities of hands and eyes.

Natural wooden baby toys are environment friendly, safe and durable. Wooden toys made in Australia are made of the finest woods such as oak and timber. They come in various varieties and are also crafted according to the age groups.

For babies it can be wooden toy rattle, beads, etc. At this age group, such toys help them to identify sounds and hold them with a firm grip. As they start crawling and taking baby steps, they like moving toys and like to hold them and walk. As soon as they start sitting on the floor, you can give them blocks to connect. Before you can notice, they start developing their creativity by building tiny towers, walls and bridges. This way the tot will learn the skill of balance and support by itself.

As they mature, the rocking toys, wooden toy cars, pull-toys and difficult blocks encourage the imaginative thinking, problem-solving and fine motor skills in them. The traditional toys are actually safer than the modern ones for all age groups. They are stronger, use natural, non toxic paints, do not have batteries to leak or dangerous electrical parts. Moreover, these toys are less likely to be broken when chewed on.

Wooden toys help children to imagine and play in different ways without restricting their imagination. The more a child practices it, the better they grow. Also they are less noisy and over stimulating. They are often finished with non-toxic paints, natural oils or beeswax.

Traditional pieces can last for many years than the modern ones. If you take care of your wooden toys you can gift them to your next generation. Traditional toys are back in the market and if you haven’t tried one of them for your child, do try to find them online as many online stores have started selling them. Remember, “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” Hence, start experiencing the various development skills in your toddler with the traditional toys.

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