Dancing Spiders: Teach Your Child To Speak Up Against Molestation

Child abuse victimizes a child in a way that he is too innocent to understand. Nevertheless, it has a strong negative impact on his psyche. Even sadder is that the children, who are molested as toddlers, face a difficult time in forgetting the whole episode even after growing up. As despite wanting to protect your child, you cannot accompany him everywhere, it becomes necessary for you to make your kid/s aware of the ways he could protect himself from being abused.

You need to make him understand gently

Even the thought of discussing the topic of child abuse with your child may make you nervous. You certainly would not want your bundle of joy to become scared and develop an overly suspicious attitude. Hence, you need to be gentle with him. You will have to talk to him in his own language so that without being anxious, he becomes aware of the ways he can protect himself.

Dancing Spiders: A book empowering children against molestation

Stories are the best way to make a kid understand concepts. Just as there are stories that aim at inculcating strong morals like kindness, truthfulness, patience, courage in children, Dancing Spiders is a storybook that focuses on enlightening children about molestation. The stories are written in a simple language and thus, are easy to understand for the child. Moreover, as children are familiar with the concept of learning things through stories, you will not have a hard time connecting with your little one.

The stories have characters with which the child will easily be able to relate. There is Allen – a boy, who is playful and likes to combat dragons and monsters. Then, there is Uncle Jim, who is hurly-burly and has dreadlocks. There is also Mr. O. It is a talking tree, which is capable of answering every question that is posed to it. The stories involve these characters and many others, who will keep your kid entertained throughout. In this way, without facing any awkward moment or a disconcerting silence, you will be able to get your message across to him.

Make it a fun-filled activity

Simply because the moral of the story is about a disturbing issue, it is never recommended that you should have a serious approach while reading the storybook. Just as you read bedtime stories to your child or before he takes a nap, you can read Dancing Spiders to him. Reading this storybook will be a delightful experience for your child as well as for you. The colors used are vibrant with a host of images and the font size is large enough for easy reading.

With instances of child abuse so rampant, storybooks like Dancing Spiders can help parents fight off molesters even before they make a single wrong move.

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