Is your little princess having trouble sleeping at night? The butterfly mobile will soothe her to sleep

There is no denying that being a parent can be both physically and mentally exhausting. The goal of the parent is often to try and catch up with some sleep when their baby lays down for a nap, but when your little princess simply refuses to do so, it can begin to feel as though you are about to reach wit’s end. Some babies are great and will take their naps right on schedule every day, but there are others that will refuse to go to their crib kicking and screaming, doing all that they can to put off the rest time.

One way to get your stubborn baby girl to embrace her time in the crib is to add a musical butterfly mobile that will help distract her from her little tantrum. There is a reason that baby mobiles have been a standard fixture in baby’s bedrooms forever, and that is because they work. The combination of music, visuals, and sound is usually enough to send little ones off to dreamland in no time at all. As great as that is, there are actually plenty of other benefits to having crib mobiles that go way beyond just making sure that you both get some rest.

Babies get a ton of visual stimulation from crib mobiles and are often attracted to the colors as much as they attracted to the sounds. In his early months your baby is likely to be drawn to black and white patters, but as time progresses he will love the bold reds, greens, and blues that you would very much expect to find on a butterfly mobile. As you baby develops, you will notice him trying to reach for the pieces that hang from the mobile, which is why so many are now made with detachable pieces.

What that then leads to is a development of the baby’s motor skills, as they start to track the movement of the baby mobiles with their eyes. The combination of color and movement in a high-quality crib mobile will keep them interested as it does its thing. With that in mind, you might try to seek out a butterfly mobile that moves in both a vertical and horizontal fashion as that will give the baby the incentive to follow all of the different movements.

It’s plainly obvious to anyone that has ever been a parent that the sounds and movements that come from crib mobiles have a relaxing effect like no other toy. There is almost an instant soothing effect that is mesmerizing when you look at the way in which it positively affects your child. You basically have two choices when it comes to being a parent, and those are to go without sleep or to place a butterfly mobile over the crib so that you and your baby can relax.

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