Support and Encouragement Poems

If you’ve never needed encouragement in your life, you are probably not human. If you’ve never needed the support of friends or family, you probably live on a deserted island. If you’ve never experienced frustration or pain, you probably have never left your room or related with another human being.

I had a good head on my shoulders. I was going to be an engineer. My life was planned out. Then my life turned upside down. I left engineering. I didn’t know how I was going to earn money. My life quickly turned into years of frustration and discouragement. I didn’t know how I could ever get out of my situation. I went from engineer to pizza delivery. And I delivered pizza for thirty months while my friends were becoming lawyers, engineers and business owners.

It was during this time I began writing encouragement poems and love words to give myself an outlet of expression. I also knew at some point in the future that I would get out of where I was at. I knew the frustration wasn’t permanent, even though it felt like it was. I knew I wouldn’t be delivering pizza forever, even though I had no way out for more than two years.

The most important thing to remember when you feel discouraged is to get around people. Don’t close in. Reach out to family and friends. Let yourself be supported. When you can’t lift yourself up, let someone else do it. Find a community, a church, a Meetup group, anything. Stay in contact with people.

If you were like me and you sat at home for eight hours a day for two years straight and delivered pizza part time in the evening, then you would know what I’m talking about. Being alone for long periods of time doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

Above all, keep the hope. Keep stepping forward. Don’t stay stagnant or stationary. Build your momentum, even if you feel like you’re not moving. Rejuvenate often. Don’t wallow in your pity for long periods of time. Focus on breaking your downward spirals. Get therapy if you need it, from someone you trust. But above all, keep the hope. Even if you can’t believe things will be different, just keep the possibility open that things might be different if you keep going. And that’s really all you need.

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