All There is To Tell About Poems

Poems are considered to be one of the finest, most sentimental and emotional ways to express one’s feelings. The word Poem in itself contains a vast variety of literature and words that connect with each other in the best possible rhyming way. A poem without a rhyme is just like a bird that cannot fly. The better the word or sentence connects with the next one, the more appealing and attractive it becomes for a listener or a reader.

In this technologically advanced and busy world people still find enough time to listen to or read the poems or poetry of classical and modern poets. They even find the DVD’s or VCD’s of their favorite poet who have written poetries even thousands of years ago!

The best thing about such poems is that they are not limited to a specific age or group or to a single subject; they are available on vast topics and are loved by people of every age whether it would be a toddler or a fully grown man.

One wont usually see different poems with the same style or pattern, even if it is written by the same poet, because each poem has a different subject and is based on a different topic. Poems can be categorized as; Children’s Poems, Love poems, Friendship poems etc. Even these days poems are also being transformed into songs just by adding musical beats with a slight change in lyrics and way of interpretation.

For toddlers and young children, children’s poems are considered to be the best and the most persuading way to learn many new things including the name of colors, fruits, vegetables, continents etc. A good example is ‘ABC’, probably the way you yourself learnt the alphabet. These poems help little children to learn good habits and to teach them new things about the world.

Nowadays these beautiful children’s poems are also transformed into the children sing along songs, where characters like Barney, Elmo and Big Bird play and sing beautiful children rhymes and educational poems which help children to learn the basics including the Alphabets, Characters, Times Table etc. as children learn more easily through poems as they create a flow for them!

Most people try several methods to know the basic ways to write a poem or how can one write a good poem with minimum efforts or instructions. One of the key points for writing a good poem is to break a single sentence into two or more lines and each line starting with a capital word. The other key point is that the words that you have written in a single line should (but don’t always have to) rhyme with the next line.

Rhyming simply means the connection of one word with another in a way that they have a specific kind of flow and a reader can read the both lines of the poem without halting at any point.

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