Short Love Poem for Wedding

If you have, then we are on the same boat. Anyway, for the ladies, I am sure you enjoy the parts of the wedding dedicated to exchange of vows, sort of like wedding poetry. Weddings! Here goes one of my poems for wedding; Ooh baby you are one of a kind. Although you nag me everyday I do not mind. I was in suspended animation, because she had caught my attention, I was almost caught in a precarious situation. Not another dream AGAIN! I found myself following her graceful walk from the top of her head to the tip of her toe.

When you whisper in my ear you give my heart a good wind, it is like ecstasy and opulence combined. This is because when I am with you to others I am blind, for you are the finest treasure a man could find. I once saw a girl in the streets at random and I just fell in love with her right there and then. Here goes; I just remembered this girl I saw, she was so pretty all I could say was ”whoa”. In fact, I liked it so much; I wrote a sample Wedding Poem for my future wife. I cannot shake you off because you have captured my mind, it is like my fate with you has been sealed and signed. Do you enjoy short love poems?

You got me wrapped around your finger just as a book has a bind; we are very close and tighter than an orange and its rind. If you are a man, I am sure that you are saying to yourself right now, ”oh, man, not again! I cannot explain why, I just did! I love that part too. I could not make a move though, because she was with a woman who looked like she could attack me with a crossbow. If you are a woman, I bet you like weddings. However, when I was at the barbers shop looking out the window pane. I hope your heart and mine are well aligned, this is one prison I do not want to break from, please keep me confined.

As I made my way to get a car, her cute figure lingered from a far, for she had disappeared into the masses just like the sunlight does a star. You have the right features in all the right places perfectly designed; everything from your head to your toes has been well defined. As I sat meditating in a bus, she suddenly came up from nowhere as conspicuous as a tattoo.

Just as she was making her way to the vacant seat next to me, somebody else rushed in and took it leaving me with a nasty feeling as if I had been stung by a bee! I thought then that I would not see her again; she was stuck in my mind just like a stubborn stain. This is one of the Short Love Poems I write about meeting a girl in the streets who I immediately feel a communication to. Have you ever fallen in love with a stranger even before talking to him/her?

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