The Retro Journey Begins: A Poet’s Poetic Sojourn

That period again, the yuletide! Periods to retro twist your mind. Sober reflections, oh I must mention… The highs and lows, success, sorrows. I made the best of the Christmas day, an opportunity, I reckon, to sleep or play.

Then came, the call… Time for the mall. Great fun for all… Was thrilled for sure.

I lodged in a nice hotel in style, to cap the daylong freaky miles. Time for some snacks and drinks; unwind… Straight to the pool I went… Reclined. Now alone, mind-boggling zone, my head tries retro-life bemoan. I fight it off with tricks I could muster… More drinks! More drinks!! Oh what a cluster.

Made hurried friends to quench the drench, loneliness, I guess might be the trench. It worked… For a while, drinks, jokes and smiles, then came rainfall, all ran… The hall. The session continues… Unperturbed. Gibbering rubbish… Booboo galore. CNN reports from a tube above, seem quite so far, alcohol filled curve.

The news! The news!! Oh yes the news… Kept blaring in my ears… Enthused. I turned to stare with awesome glare… Message of hope, beyond compare.

Now I’m glued, to the newfound tube, contrasting news leaves me confused. Gradually it sank, I listened in, my eyes and ears in disbelieve. What news? What news??… You may enthuse, I leave your mind and thoughts to rouse.

So wrapped, I starred in space, transfixed, was set adrift on memory bliss. That force, that thing that led to drinks, hits me with ease, I can’t resist. The gist and jokes now seem so far, bewildered, a sultry world apart. Pictures unfold in space with ease, memories indeed, are made of these.

I saw the good, bad, ugly and sad… Uuuuh, it made me feel so glad. To think I’ve made it well this far… Hmmm, oh what a past I’ve had. It’s been so long, my devious self, I saw so clear, could touch and shelf. The “naughties”, the tricks… Deceitful spree… The “girl shy” tags… Giggles attack

Adrift I went in search for more, my past unfolds, just can’t repose. Oh wait!!! Did I just say “girl shy”??? That tickles my funny bones to cry. Get this; my love life I despise, it makes me moan and grin with fright. You know, half here, half there… To share??? Ok, I’ll let you in… Don’t flare!

I sink deep down my seat; with ease… A sip could wet my wholesome feel. My first love thrills rewound, revealed. This makes for awesome love retreat. Where do I start? So much to say, my first love maze before my face… “YOUR MALT DRINK SIR!!!” Waiter exclaimed… He jerks me back to life again. >>> Continues

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