Romantic Valentine Day Poems

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to consider Romantic Valentine Day Poems among all the other aspects of this most romantic day in the year. In this article, we will cover ideas for poems – where to write them, how to write them, and where to get the inspiration.

Getting a Valentine’s card with a lovely poem from someone you love is always a pleasure. But writing one for your special someone can give you equal, if not more pleasure. We are here to get you going on this adventure of creating the verses that mirror your heart & soul.

Before you start your journey into the fourth dimension, where creativity weaves rhymes, make your choice of a poem’s style and theme.






There’s a special place in my heart

where I can feel you near.

No matter how far, darling, you are

in my thoughts you appear.

The way we love each other

makes it hard to be apart

so when I can’t hold you in my arms,

I hold you in my heart.


If you prefer to write your own romantic Valentine Day poems instead of using ready-made ones here is some help




Wishing you great joy in exploring and composing romantic Valentine Day poems!


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