Valentines Day Personalized Poem

Sending a Valentine’s Day personalized poem is a unique way to let the one you desire know how you feel.

Sending a poem sounds old fashioned and out dated, but a personalized and meaningful poem written in a beautiful card is a gift that will be theirs to keep forever, not simply a commercially produced one.

Obviously there are thousands of beautiful poems in existence written by famous poets, but nothing comes close to a treasured piece of prose which relates to two people, with shared meaning.

As we all know, Valentine’s Day gifts can be a little commercial. Picking a card, buying flowers or chocolates and basically going through the usual commercially driven route is what 99% of people do these days.

But a personalized poem is 100% unique and incredibly thoughtful which will make your Valentine’s Day card stand out and be remembered.

Often people struggle to get down in words exactly what she/he is trying to say. Most make-do with a few impersonal lines saying; “happy valentine’s” and who it’s from. A personalized Valentine’s poem captures the feelings and sentiments of the sender and emphasizes meaningful words with rhymes.

Not everyone has the finesse and creativity to design a beautiful, romantic poem. But using the experience and flair of a ‘poet’ can produce for you a personalized poem for Valentine’s Day that will live on in the memory of the intended for many years to come.

The process is simple. The sender just needs to provide some information about the person the poem is being designed for. Like how they met, how they make each other feel, their quirkiness, their hopes and dreams etc. Anything you like. The list can be endless!

The poet will then take this information, highlight certain words, structure the poem to create a beautiful set of rhyming verses to create a story within the poem. It doesn’t take long and the effects can last a life time.

It clearly shows that the person sending the poem has spent a lot of time and thought for the person receiving it, rather than just purchasing a card or gift from a shop.

This is what makes a Valentine Day personalized poem so special and unique. It’s not always about the amount of money we spend on a loved one, but rather the thoughtfulness and time that goes into creating such a unique and personal gift.

What a treasure the poem will be. A lovely memento to keep over the years.

Once your poem is written you can do exactly as you please with it. You have 100% rights to it and can claim it as your own. It can be framed, written in a card, spoken over the phone, recited one to one or even emailed if time is not on your side.

A Valentines Day Personalized Poem – A truly romantic and charming Valentines Day gift.

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