Understanding Nail Biting In Toddlers

Nail biting is a problem that you have to assume and take the conscious decision to end when you are an adult. But what if toddlers start biting their nails? Is there an effective way to stop them? What does toddler nail biting mean?

Although it falls in the category of “nervous habits”, this doesn’t mean that your child is too anxious. In fact when your child is a toddler he or she might start nail biting for other reasons: maybe he is bored, curious or biting the nails just to “pass the time”.

This is hard for some parents to understand, as the only reaction they know for nail biting is punishing and threatening the kids. A reaction that when repeated can reinforce the habit they are trying to eradicate.

Is it possible to put a stop to toddler nail biting?

We must understand that kids at that age are not conscious of everything they do, so this makes it extremely hard for us to prevent toddlers form biting their nails. As I said before, any sign of punishing or threatening only makes things worse, so please avoid doing that.

The best step to take would be having something at hand to distract them when you see they start biting their nails. Don’t do anything beyond that until they come to age to fully decide if they want to stop the nail biting habit, don’t even put nail biting creams on them – they perceive it as a punishment.

It is 100% recommended also to keep their nails clean and trimmed, this way they will have less chance of biting their nails (along with all the bacteria stuck in it), and won’t be putting their health at risk when they put their fingers in their mouth. But follow the best advice, it is pretty simple: just ignore toddler nail biting and don’t associate anything with it.

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