11 Steps to A Handwritten Love Poem

Writing a love poem for the one you love can seem like an impossible task when you’ve memories of struggling with English in school. But it needn’t be.

Even if you remember the correct grammatical terms for verse and rhyme is not important here? Whilst that’s great to know when you’re studying literature, it might hold you back when you’re starting out on your very own love poem.

Only two things are important here.

So how to start?

Are there parts you don’t like or areas you want to write more about? Perhaps there are sections, words or sentences that you really don’t want in there? Be honest with yourself. No-one’s looking at it at this stage, and you’re not trying to rival Shakespeare. It’s more important that these are your honest feelings, even if you might ‘flounce them up’, poetically, later on.

Remember that it’s love poem. The person you’ve written it for will be more touched by the effort you’ve gone to than any worries you might have over your ‘English’. For more inspiration take a look at some of the classic love poems out there.

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