Help for Troubled Teens

Troubled Teens—

Troubled teens are often confused and frightened. They affect everyone in their life; mom, dad, brothers and sisters — the entire family unit. Troubled teens have more of a negative impact than they think they do. The “troubled teen epidemic” has many parents, schoolteachers, and school administrators at their ‘wits end’.

A troubled teen is typically classified as one who is in the adolescent stage of life displaying self-destructive behaviors. A troubled teens life has simply gotten out of control. He/she may be using drugs and alcohol, is usually disrespectful, belligerent, rude, defiant — and when it comes down to it, he/she doesn’t value family or themselves. Troubled teens tend to be involved in things that can ruin their life — or even end it!

Troubled teens need professional intervention in an environment that is restrictive and isolated from any possibility of any substance abuse. When troubled teens are removed from their current environment, the first step toward help and progress is made. “Troubled teen programs” should also focus on the special needs of parents who are struggling with an adolescent, particularly those parents who have teenagers who are at high risk for behavioral, emotional, and academic problems that can affect their ability to succeed in school.

Our goal is to connect parents of troubled teens to the information and resources they need to quickly identify risk factors and take appropriate action to help their adolescents. For parents with troubled teens, you can contact our Site Sponsor, Mark Hutten at [email protected], for possible solutions.

Are you looking for a teen help school, teen boot camp, or youth program for troubled teens? There are literally thousands of organizations designed to help troubled teens. Online Parent Support has helped thousands of parents get the information and advice about the best schools and programs that specialize in helping troubled teens. We have many years of experience working with a wide range of schools and programs for troubled teens throughout the U.S.

Parents often find it difficult to identify when a child is at risk for dropping out of school, failing classes, violence, drug or alcohol use, suicide, and other dangerous or self-defeating behaviors. When in “crisis-mode,” parents often seek out ‘boot camps’ with the assumption that a “wake up call” is all that is needed for their troubled teen.

Parents of struggling teens, who wait too long, failing to enact a substantial early-intervention program, usually regret that they waited. Parents with troubled teens who have struggled with finding solutions sometimes feel as if they have no place to turn. Parents need to be aware that drug use generally begins months, or even years, before parents actually do become aware of their teens drug use.

Parents often get into the cycle of denial, always finding a way to explain the behavior away so as to avoid the pain that is inevitable when you take decisive action with a rebellious, defiant child. Parents will do best if they look at their individual situation and decide for themselves if the teenager is on a self-destructive path. Parents who take an honest look at their child should trust their instincts — if you think your child is in trouble, take action now.

Parents of troubled teens — across the country — are realizing that they need help dealing with a son or daughter that is making poor decisions, and they do what they have to do to keep their teenager from self-destructing.

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