Some Short Eulogy Poems for a Funeral or Memorial Service

Recently, a dear relative passed away. I tried to find a suitable eulogy poem on the Internet. However, a lot of the poetry was too long, outdated, or oozing with expressive language that didn’t feel natural. Fortunately, with the memorial service taking place a few weeks after the passing of my loved one, I had some time to write my own poetry.

Usually, however, a funeral is arranged within a few days of death. Filled with grief, we are not at our most creative. If you are searching for a short poem or two, please feel free to use some of the poetry in this article.

In any of the poems, you may exchange ‘she’, ‘her’, ‘Grandma’ etc. for ‘he’, ‘him’, or ‘Grandpa’ where appropriate. You may even want to add a specific reference to the person’s name in the title and/or text of the poem.

If you publish these poems (or the entire article) on your website, please be sure to include the byline, copyright notice, and links. If you use one of the poems for a memorial service or funeral, please include my byline.

Eulogy – Funeral Poem Number 1:

Farewell, My Love

Her laugh still echoes in the depths of my brain;

And when I hear it, it causes me pain.

I miss her so much – mere words cannot say,

How this heartache devours me night and day…

But my memories are strong and time heals grief,

So I dream of the future – and quiet relief.

As I browse through my photos with love and pride,

I know that this sorrow will someday subside,

Leaving happy memories in its place –

Memories of her and her smiling face.

A loving farewell, my dear, adieu.

My heart belongs ever and always to you.

By Kathy Steinemann

Eulogy – Funeral Poem Number 2:

Death Will Lose

Her body lies breathless, in quiet sleep.

We remember her life; we cry and weep.

Life doesn’t seem fair, and Death even less,

I don’t understand it, I must confess.

We barely exist, in sorrow and pain;

We mourn our loss, we seethe and complain…

But what would she want, if she were alive?

Would she want us to wallow, to merely survive?

Or would she want more? Perhaps our courage –

To reject our grief with its cruel bondage!

Let’s honor her now and look forward – with hope,

Remembering her life and learning to cope,

With loss as a tool to sculpt our goals –

Not as an anchor that burdens our souls.

Celebrate her life – reminisce with a grin!

Then Death will lose – and she will win!

By Kathy Steinemann

Eulogy – Funeral Poem Number 3:

How Can I Manage, Now That She’s Gone?

Grandma was there when I needed an ally –

If I wanted to talk – or felt like a cry.

When no one else seemed to understand –

She was there – with a helping hand.

How can I manage now that she’s gone?

Without her advice I can’t carry on!

She was wise and witty and one-of-a-kind;

I feel so lost since she left me behind.

I know she told me she wanted to go –

Her body was tired and hurt her so…

Maybe now is the time for me to resume –

Carry on her tradition and break this gloom –

To impart her wisdom to family and friends,

And face life with a smile while my heart slowly mends.

Grandma, I miss you. You’ll always be near –

In my thoughts, in my heart – I have you right here.

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