Kids Hollywood Style Party: Glitz, Glamour, And Hollywood Fun!

“If your child is feeling a little out of place in a new classroom this year, if it is a special occasion, or if you are simply wanting to throw a special party for your child’s friends, why not throw your own kids’ Hollywood style party, and help break the ice with the glitz, glamour, and fun of a kids’ Hollywood style party?

Whether in your back yard, or another location, you can make a special Hollywood style party for your child. By simply providing things, like inexpensive craft store hats for decorating, party favor jewelry, sunglasses, boa feathers, your child’s favorite music, and movies, together with some fun food and games, your child can have their very own kids’ Hollywood style party.

• Buy inexpensive party favors such as craft or thrift store hats for the children, and allow them to decorate the hats themselves, party favor jewelry, sunglasses, feather boas, cardboard cut out stars, painted silver, with each child’s name printed on them, and inexpensive party favor trophies or paper awards, easily made and printed on a home computer.

• Serve ginger ale in plastic champagne glasses.

• Serve trays of Hors d’oeuvres, such as finger cakes, cheese dogs wrapped in prepared pastry dough, and baked, small pizza bites, to be served on a table draped with white paper table cloths liberally sprinkled with glitter and confetti.

• Age appropriate music from “singers” from your child’s list of favorites.

• The use of a karaoke machine, so stars may be born, is another good idea. There is no need to have special karaoke tapes, just let them sing along with their favorite singers! Create your own talent show, letting everyone be a winner, and receive their own award for their efforts.

What better way to help your child have fun, and get to know their friends better, then to have loads of fun with your very own Kids Hollywood Style Party? On your walk of fame, every child can have a star!”

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