Poetry and its Impact on American Society

Though many people will still roll their eyes at the idea of poetry, there is no disputing its impact on modern society. While many of us still associate poetry with sing song rhymes, that is only the beginning of this masterful art form. Poetry allows us to capture emotions and images in a shorter and more potent form of writing – and the impact is still being felt in this modern day, even if we try to avoid it at all costs.

Some of the most common signs of poetry in the modern world come in our celebrations of major holidays. We often use poems as a way to commemorate the day (i.e. T’was the Night Before Christmas) and incorporate rhyming thoughts into songs that will also celebrate the day. In addition, we send cards and other greetings to others to help celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events, most often with rhyming well wishes.

Poetry has also been a constant part of our experience of music and culture in the modern world. While many songwriters are veering away from the traditional rhyme structure of poetry, they are still using a free verse style to capture their thoughts. We find our emotions and our experiences in the art of poetry and song. We can sing along to these sings because of their structure and their appeal. Many of us have favorite songs or songs that we attribute to special moments in our lives because of their ability to stick in our heads.

But these are not the only ways the poetry has affected the modern American society. More recently, poetry has become something that is being fought for in terms of its relevance to creation. Poetry is often considered an archaic means of communication, but the resurgence of concern about poetry and writing has increased its impact. Poetry is often more revered than other forms of writing because it is more difficult to write and even more challenging to sell or use as a main point of a career.

The use of poetry in schools has also caused an impact on American society. Children are able to learn to read and to learn to do mathematical problems because of the use of rhyming lessons. When a teacher uses rhymes, the student can remember what they are being taught and refer to it later in the day when they need that information again. Think about the Alphabet Song, for example. It uses the idea of rhyming in order to impress the letters into the child’s mind.

Of course, we can not deny the usefulness of poetry and rhyming in our everyday advertising campaigns. Jingles and other ads are easy for us to recall when they include poetry and rhyme. And because these songs and rhymes can become stuck in our heads, they are all the more effective at getting us to buy something that is being sold.

The performance of poetry has come up in movies and has been seen in coffee houses and other performance places as well.

Poetry is not as simple as it seems, nor is it something that needs to be thought of as difficult. It is simply a tool in writing that can allow a writer to convey their emotions and ideas in a shortened form – or longer form, if lyrical poetry is written. In the end, poetry does have an impact on society because it captures our experiences and our lives. And while it might be seen as out of date and old-fashioned, it is still helping to communicate our biggest dreams and our darkest secrets.

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