Pre-teen Birthday Parties: Sleepover Party Ideas

“Celebrating pre-teen birthday parties can be a little bit difficult sometimes. Those ten to twelve year olds are starting to become young adults and are getting perhaps too eager to cast off the signs of childhood. There are still lots of things you can do without getting them too embarrassed.

For boys and girls a sleepover party can be lots of fun. Of course it probably won’t be coed but that’s okay, it makes for more fun for your child to just invite their best buds or their gal pals. One excellent idea for a girl’s sleepover birthday party is to have it themed after Disney Princesses. You can rent lots of Disney movies featuring princesses in them. For party favors hand out some plastic tiaras and beaded necklaces and you can find themed party supplies online to use in your decoration, such as streamers, wall panels and other party favors like magical wands.

A boy’s sleepover party can be focused on whatever your child is into. Ask them what movies and cartoons they like. Or if they have a specific type of party in mind. A Scooby Doo Mystery Party might add a little intrigue to your evening. Set up a little mystery with clues for the children to solve around the house. Hand out monster masks for the kids to wear as favors and of course rent lots of Scooby Doo cartoons or even the movies.

When setting up for your sleepover make sure you’ve not only got the appropriate number of themed party supplies and favors, but you may also want to pick up extra toiletries for the bathroom. Hand sanitizer works great for any party where there are a lot of kids. Make sure you have lots of clean towels just in case anyone needs them and make sure that you get lots of sleep the night before the party.”

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