First Communion Party Ideas with Kids in Mind

“When parents get home after that first Communion its traditional to throw a small party for the child. Since the Communion occurs at an age when the child is still fairly young its best to have something of a dual party with elements for the adults and for the kids. There are plenty of kids party ideas that can work to entertain the adult friends and family who come over after the Communion to offer congratulations.

The first Communion services can occur at any time but they usually are fit into the morning hours during or after the church services. This means that the Communion will be ending just in time to have a brunch party. A brunch buffet filled with lots of fruit, eggs, bacon and other goodies will satisfy the empty stomachs of your adult guests. Kids will also love these breakfast treats. You can add a fun kid’s theme to the party with themed plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths and other kinds of decorations.

Sesame Street is a very educational television show and there are plenty of party supplies available this show as a theme for your communion party. For younger kids a party with the theme of Dora the Explorer is a great choice. If you want a theme geared more towards boys how about a Bob the Builder set of party supplies or a series of construction themed party supplies.

Kids and adults both love to get party favors and some great party favors for a first Communion party can also be divided into gifts for adults and for kids. If you choose to throw a Bob the Builder themed brunch try giving the kids small building block kits or hard hats and plastic shovels. The adults can get white candles with candle holders or small religious themed placeholders or bookmarks.”

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