10 Ways to Keep Hair Drug Testing A Part of the Routine This Summer for Your Teen

Hair drug testing is truly one of the best ways to find out whether or not your teen has been using drugs. While it cannot detect very recent drug use—that which has occurred within a week or so—it can detect it for up to three months or 90 days afterwards. That is impressive. Plus, the tests are reliable, noninvasive and provide a level of accuracy that cannot be argued with. All it takes is collecting a hair sample, placing it in the specimen collection container and mailing it off to the lab.

But you already know this. Maybe you have used hair drug test kits in the past and were surprised at their accuracy. Maybe you have always wanted to use these tests but never tried. Regardless of what mold you fit in, as a parent, you owe it to yourself and to your teens to be diligent if you choose to use drug testing in your home. After all, it is only with regular and consistent use of hair drug tests that you can hope to prevent drug use from starting or to catch it before it becomes a major problem.

That means that even when the summer rolls around and your teen is no longer in the regular routine of school, you still need to use drug testing. If anything, summer should be the time you really pay attention. Your teen no longer has the commitment of school to attend to and will be on their own for much of the time. Hair drug testing is definitely something you will want to maintain during the summer months.

But I know what you are thinking. How can I possibly keep up with the hair drug testing during the summer? My teen is out and about everyday and will probably just roll their eyes at me if I even suggest it. If that sounds like you, then the following tips are sure to help:

Teens can be demanding and disrespectful. But regardless of attitude, you need to remember that you are the parent and that drug testing is something you are doing to protect them.

While your teen is still in school, create a drug testing calendar. Of course, do not share this information with your teen, but have a good idea of when you would like to perform drug tests in the home. By making a schedule, you are much more likely to stick to it.

Now, this does not mean you need to go out and buy a ton of hair drug tests but you should probably buy a year’s worth—four test kits—at one time. This way, you will always have a test kit on hand and will not be able to use the excuse of not having one to not administer the test.

If you act like the drug testing process is a huge deal, most likely your teen will too. Try to remain calm and rational while taking a hair sample. Avoid yelling and arguing.

There are already a lot of debates out there about whether or not it is right to drug test your children. And while the ultimate answer is up to you, you do still need to show some respect to your teen. When you obtain the results of the hair drug test and it is negative, do not act surprised or crack jokes. Reinforce how proud you are of their decision to remain drug-free.

Even if your teen refuses to submit to a drug test, insist that they do. Backing down will only teach them that by complaining or causing a scene, they will get their way.

Just because you suspect your teen may be using drugs is not a reason to start laying down the threats. Saying you will disown your child if you find out they are using drugs is not exactly going to make them want to submit to a drug test any faster!

Most of the time, parents will use hair drug tests on their teens and only obtain negative results. This is a great thing. Either your teen never wanted to use drugs or feared being caught so avoided its usage. However, you may, at one point, obtain a positive result from the test. It is not a pleasant idea, but a plausible reality you need to be prepared for.

If you say you are going to keep using hair drug tests over the summer on your teen, stick to it! Your teen is at a very impressionable age and if you do not live up to your statements, they will remember.

Some parents let their kids do whatever they want over the summer. In fact, some hardly ever see their teens in the summer months. Do not let this happen. Be a proactive parent—one that is involved in his or her child’s life. Sometimes that is half the battle.

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