Teenage Birth Control

A while ago while watching TV with a friend a commercial for the Dr. Phil show came on. The commercial asked “are you a pregnant teenager facing a life full of stress?” My friend turned to me and said, “I need to tell you something; I’m 3 months pregnant!” After chuckling a bit and sharing that it was just a joke, my friend turned to me and said, “What would you do if you were a teenager and pregnant?” I simply smiled and answered, “Nothing, It could never happen to me. I believe in abstinence.” In today’s society pro-choice programs are taught in and out of the classroom. These programs preach that premarital sexual intercourse is permissible, and even distribute contraceptives. This is both morally, and ethically wrong. Where did abstinence go?

Planned Parenthood, a nation wide pro-choice organization believes “in the fundamental right of each individual, throughout the world, to manage his or her fertility, regardless of the individual’s income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or residence.” (Planned Parenthood 1984) In other words, any one of any age should have the access to all devices needed to “manage” reproduction. The reasoning behind this belief is simple; Planned Parenthood considers teenagers and all young adults can make their own decisions.

From the outside, Planned Parenthood really doesn’t’t seem like such an appalling organization. After all, there just trying to help the well being of the world’s population, correct? Actually, it’s incorrect. Planned Parenthood in fact places a wedge between parents and their children. Planned Parenthood portrays parents as frail and aloof. The following quote is posted on the main page of the Planned Parenthood website, “We understand that many teens are uncomfortable talking to their parents about sex…Please remember that this website is for teens. This is their place. Take a look around if you like, but we prefer that you do not register on the site.” (PP website rep.) This seems to act as a buffer between parents and the organization providing their children with information on every sexual topic from A-Z. As a parent, it is one’s job to educate offspring on such subjects as sexual intercourse. Parents are being painted as the enemy, and Planned Parenthood as the savior. For example, Planned Parenthood believes in confidentiality on all levels. In many cases this leads to the distribution of birth control without parents consent.

Planned Parenthood not only places a gap between parents and children, but also promotes promiscuity in teenagers. As long as both participants believe they are ready to obtain in sexual activity, Planned Parenthood believes it is completely okay. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood opposes abstinence sexual education. This is again because of their belief that teenagers are many times ready to be sexually active. The information presented in the previous two paragraphs was based on the claims made by Josh Brahm. Brahm is the director of education and public relations at the Georgia rite to life organization.

Hans Zeiger, a high school graduate returned to his former school for a visit only to find shocking adds printed in the schools newspaper. Zeiger claimed reading multiple ads with directions on how to receive free contraceptives such as the morning after pill & condoms. This moment reminded Zeiger of his days on the debate team. “I registered my moral objection to an unsympathetic group of high-schooler ‘what’s wrong with that?’

asked one student as if he has never known that there are people who oppose premarital sex and abortions.” (Zeiger 12/21/04) From this information it is obvious that student’s aren’t being educated about abstinence because all they are exposed to are ways to receive free birth control.

The laws pertaining to the age of sexual consent average out to be between 16-18 years old.(See table 1) Those organizations supplying birth control to teens under the law’s age requirement are breaking the state law. This is clear proof of pro-choice organizations lack of morals and ethics. As citizens we are bound by both state, and federal laws, how could such “knowledgeable” organizations claim they are helping people, while in fact they are breaking the law? No where on the Planned Parenthood website does it state the age requirement of sexual intercourse, maybe that’s because Planned Parenthood knows that they are doing, is wrong.

A case featured in a CBS news article discussed a study conducted to figure statistics between young women with birth control access, verse those women who do not

Have immediate access. “At the end of six months, twenty-six teenagers who were given the pills reported using them 38 times. In the group that was not given the pills but has to go out and get them, twenty teenagers reported using them 24 times.” (CBS article) Statistics clearly show that if the birth control isn’t as accessible the amount of sexual activity reduces. The results of a later study of three-hundred-one teenage woman again displayed that the young woman that had received the pill made use of them much sooner then those without the pill, if they in fact used them ever.

Keeping in mind all of the STD’s and risks attached to pre-marital sexual intercourse it’s a burden to the mind to try to answer why in the world pro-choice organizations would encourage young people to engage in sexual intercourse. No method of birth control is one-hundred percent accurate besides abstinence. This means that no matter what birth control is being taken, there is still the chance of fertilization and pregnancy. The statistics for teenage mothers are pretty scary, yet pro-choice organizations do not supply this information to its entirety.” Girls who begin sexual activity at an earlier age are far more likely to have abortions. Nearly thirty percent of girls who started sexual activity at age 13 or 14 have had an abortion.” (Heritage Organization) So, basically not only do teenagers have a high risk of STD contraction, but thirty percent of those same teenagers will terminate a life as well? Keep in mind this behavior is encouraged and made possible by pro-choice organizations. “Since single mothers are far more likely to be poor, early sexual activity is linked to higher levels of child and maternal poverty.” (Heritage Organization) This fact’s can not be stressed enough, and again are not provided by pro-choice organizations.

Alongside disease contraction and the well being of ones life lies the emotional traumas connected to pre-mature sexual experiences. For example, the book It’s okay to say no provides a story about a four-teen year old girl names Alexa. Alexa knows she is too young to start having sex, but feels pressured to knowing that a lot of peers have already had sexual intercourse. “Alexa knows the that the dangers of teenage sex are not just physical. During the teen years, the body develops very rapidly. Hormones effect the mind, causing changes in emotion. Mood swings-being positive and upbeat one day, sad and depressed the next- are common among most teenagers. Emotions can be very intense and unpredictable.” (Its okay to say no 19)

By abstaining from sexual intercourse all the risks attached to pre-marital sex are eliminated. There is no chance of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Emotional trauma including depression and suicidal thoughts will not occur. A less stressful, more respectful life can be led. It is better to be called a prude, rather than easy. A recent study led by the Adolescent and Family Health Journal found that “increased abstinence among teens was the major cause of declining birth and pregnancy rates among single teenage girls. Among unmarried teens aged 15019, increased abstinence accounted for 67% of the decrease in the pregnancy rate.” (Adolescent and Family Health Journal, Vol. 3, No.1)

Through the ages, it was well known and taught that sexual intercourse was something that two adults took part in, although today the very opposite is broadcasted at America’s youth. “85% of parents believe that teaching about abstinence should be emphasized as much or more than, teaching about contraception.”(Heritage Foundation No. 1722, January 22, 2004) By providing resources to birth control to teenagers it is both going against a parents will, and in a way supporting teenagers to enjoin in sexual intercourse. Has today’s world just come to terminate all forms of ethics? What happened to “Thall shall honor thy mother and thy father?” (The 10 commandments) How can people help young un-developed minds turn against a parent’s wishes?

All of the previous information and statistics clearly display that if the distribution of birth control to teens was outlawed, and if abstinence was more encouraged, the contractions of STD’s, emotional traumas & sexual intercourse amongst teen’s would greatly decrease. Young girls would be able to live a more successful, fulfilled life if they were to wait until marriage before having sexual intercourse. Until action is taken against the encouragement and distribution of birth control, the amount of poverty stricken single mothers will increase. STD transfer will continue to sky rocket, and greater loss of morals and ethics will continue to occur. Save America’s youth, before it’s too late.

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