Spiderman 3 Video Game Walkthrough Helps Childrens Charities. Is that good or bad?

The guide is for the Nintendo Wii and PS2 versions of Spiderman 3. The hope is that we can assist more children’s charities by helping kids (and parents) with the game guide help needed to assist them during difficult spots in the game, says David Garfield ceo and founder of WonderdogSoftware.Com

WonderdogSoftware.Com is setup to help kids charities. The feeling behind the concept is that if a kid needs help, a parent signs up with a small contribution, and then that kids need for game help has contributed to assist a poor or disabled child that was in need.

Per the latest reviews that the movie wasn’t good (I have yet to see it, but 160million,oops I mean 182million in its second week ain’t too shabby for a ‘bad’ movie) , now stock holders and gamers alike are saying they are scared to try the game, especially the Wii version since it apparently has too many complaints that ‘it just doesn’t look good’ and the gameplay is boring and dull.

Per Gamespot’s reviews:

Spiderman 3 for Wii Spider-Man 3 is a tie-in to the film, though it doesn’t do a particularly good job of emulating the film’s plot. Yes, you get bits and pieces of the key story arcs involving major villains like Venom and Sandman, as well as Spider-Man’s groovy (and evil) new black suit. You’ll also get some added story chunks involving Lizard, Kraven, and a bunch of random New York City gangs that are floating about the town, causing varying forms of mayhem. However, it’s all kind of a mess. There’s no real cohesion between all the different plotlines, and while this was also a problem in the PS3 and 360 versions, it’s twice as bad here because the Wii and PS2 versions are much shorter. So much of the story and character development are skipped over and so much of what’s happening is flat-out boring that it’s impossible to care about what’s going on.

On the positive side Spider-Man 3 on the Wii and PS2 uses the same core concept of Grand Theft Auto-meets-Spider-Man that the last few Spidey games have used. As you swing around the open-ended city of New York, you can opt to head toward specific story missions or to tackle random crimes that pop up from time to time. Previous Spider-Man games forced you to embark on side missions and solve random crimes to progress the story, but Spider-Man 3 is far less strict about this, and the story progresses more naturally. Still, the side ventures have their merit as a distraction from the main single-player game. Progressing through the main story is merely a roughly eight-hour endeavor, but tackling all the bonus material could easily double that number.

We are posting the video game walkthrough for both the Wii and the PS2 (probably as you read this), and our expectations for helping more kids with the promotion of this ‘title’ are good. Of course contributions to the charities directly as well would also be beneficial which is the other hope of WDS and it’s plan to globalize more children’s assistance.

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