Bring Your Kids One Step Higher!

Give your kids feeling ‘I can do it myself’ with richly decorated wooden step stools. A step stool is basically one of those practical items that you must have in your house, especially if you have children. It makes a good gift for children, besides helping them to reach areas that they normally could not have reached. So what is a step stool? Simply put, a step stool is a stool that has either one or a few steps attached to it. While both children and adults can use it, the preferred users are children, as it also acts as a learning aid for them, teaching them to be able to stand up for themselves and get things done on their own.

There are different types of step stools available. You have simple step stools with just a single step and nothing else, its only functionality being to let your child reach beyond what his height permits him to. You also have step stools with additional features that act as multi purpose devices. They help your child climb higher, and can also store toys. For instance, a step and store stool might have a box at the top. The empty space beneath makes ideal storage space for toys and other utilities your child uses frequently. The lid of the stool or second step has a safety hinge and will protect little fingers from being pinched.

Step stools come in different models, again designed to catch the child’s attention, imagination, and spark some fun. Some may be in the form of a cartoon character, or a school bus, or a piano. Step stool makers usually let their childlike imaginations run wild while choosing step stool themes. Step stools are usually made of wood. It’s solid, and ensures that your child is easily balanced on the stool. In terms of functionality the finishing is not too important, but hand painted or hand carved surface will brighten any room. Most people prefer step stools made of wood, simply because they are sturdier and last longer.

There are quite a few uses of a step stool. First up, it can be used to let children reach places that they could normally not have reached. For instance, imagine your child wants to reach the sink, to help with dishes, but is not tall enough yet to do so. Using a step stool with single or multiple steps can help him accomplish the task easily. In school, sometimes toys are kept on shelves that are taller than the kids. Step Stools solve the obvious problem there.

Besides this, there are other ways a step stool is useful. A step stool is important because it can help boost the confidence levels of children. You might grant access to new areas of your home, giving your son or daughter a new feeling of self-importance when they can get their own cup, for instance. Allowing him or her to use a step stool will give him the confidence that now they’re the big boy or girl. Along with confidence comes a sense of independence. Something every healthy adult must have.

Remember, a wooden step stools can be used for other purposes besides helping your child step up. If a step stool has additional storage space, children can use it to store their toys and other important things. Even adults can use a step stool. There is no age limit for using a step stool. There are, in fact, many people who find different practical uses for step stools once their children have outgrown it. They’re useful, and can surprisingly be the source of a lot of happiness in those early years. So step up!

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