There is no such thing as children without ability

Children that are different than normal children in their mental and formative development can have special needs when it comes to learning new things when they have what is called a “learning disability”. Though this might sound a little negative these kids will have as great opportunities in life as anyone else the difference lies in the way that they are being thought. If they are not thought in a way that will help them learn and grow then (and only then) will they be left behind!

Luckily this has been realized from an official standpoint as well and that has resulted in the “educational allowances” that has now become accessible to families with children that have a “learning disability”. This has been established in order to assist the families with the extraordinary costs of giving special educational or related services to children with special needs.

I can’t remember the exact quote that the great business philosopher Jim Rohn uses but it is something about the fact that there are not children that has a lack in skill but merely we are seeing a lack of good teachers. How true it is!!

How we deal with the challenges

The children that are different from the majority (the ones with the mental develop problems) are entitled to educational evaluations as part of a medical process. This process is meant to determine the degree of “disability” and therefore the amount of extra support and teaching that is considered necessary for the child to be able to lead a normal life.

The sooner this evaluation is being done the better for the child. As with all of us it is extremely important that we are always learning and that the level of education is always just one step ahead of us so that we will stretch and therefore grow to become more. The earlier the intervention and the earlier the education the better will the end result eventually become.

It is a sad thing that the sociality sees these kinds as “abnormal” and that they are therefore often treated like they are not able to help themselves and in a way so that the child might feel and think that he or she is not as important and as capable as all the other children. This “treatment” will have an incredible affect on the child and might result in him or her not striving as much as they could have done and in that the “negative spiral of life” has begun. We all have an obligation to avoid this scenario.

All human being has incredible strengths inside of them and much more than most people can even imagine. Why is it that we are only using around 5-8% or our brain capacity? Every one of us (normal or abnormal) has strengths beyond our wildest dreams. All we need is to believe and act accordingly.

What parents and teachers of these kids need to understand is that they are the first in line to give the support to the child so that he or she will develop the personal strengths and the belief in themselves and their ability to become great human beings.

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