Now that you’re out of my life

How easy it will be to get over you.

Forgetting is fun, and I laugh when I forget what we shared.

All memories forgotten, I’ll get over you.

The more you push me away

The easier it is to get over you.

I’ll get over you, just wait and see

It’ll be like a game – the one you played with me.

Congratulations! You played me well!

But now it’s my turn to roll the dice.

Where I land, no one will know

But I’ll guarantee I get over you.

Thoughts of want, desire and wild passions

They’ll all fade away when I’m over you.

The other girl you hold in your arms

May take my place

But she’ll never give you what I was willing to give.

But don’t worry, cause I’ll get over you.

She’ll never love you as truly and purely as I did,

But I’ll get over the way I loved you.

So hold her close and give her all you got

Cause when she breaks yur heart

You’ll know how my heart cried

Over you.

-jennifer verdi

“My heart is stretching apart and I can feel its sinews snap.”



My heart is torn in two

Shattered through and through

Wondering which one of you

Is right to belong to.

I run and hide cuz I can’t take it

I only know how to fake it.

If only I could make it,

I wouldn’t have to be afraid of it.

Love can conquer all

Or make you run and fall.

All torn up inside,

Trying to hide.

My heart seems set,

But it’s your turn to make the bet.

I fear what you’ll choose,

I just hope I don’t lose.

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