Building Healthly Self Esteem In Our Children

Building Healthy Self Esteem In Children

We hear from all the professionals how key a healthy self esteem in childhood really is, and there are defiantly A lot of opinions about the best ways to achieve it. all its an important part of being a parent, and parents play a vital part in building a healthy and strong self esteem in their kids. Generally, self esteem is learned, and a fair amount of that learning happens at home while in childhood.

Different from what many people may think, a positive self esteem doesn’t always make children self centered or narcissistic. Kids who’ve been taught to cultivate their self esteem in the right way are not going to be spoiled or self-centered as a result. A healthy self worth generates self confidence, self love and awareness that is appropriate to becoming the foundation for a child to move toward improvement and growth as adults.

There isn’t a certainty in kids, most everyone knows that. No kid is exactly like another, and each responds to issues differently. Keeping that in mind, lower self worth in their children can lead to them having difficulty keeping and making friends, become easily frustrated and moody, frequently put those around them down, and possibly show signs that they have difficulty with problem solving skills.

Children with a low self worth will lack the self assurance to attempt something new and often get stuck thinking they can’t discover new opportunities, make improvements, or move on.

It is essential to remember that young children don’t always feel good about themselves or have a good self worth in all circumstances or situations. Simply due to human nature, children could feel assured and accepted one minute, and totally different the next. Kids don’t suddenly have a strong self worth, and as parents, it is essential that we always use the tools and resources that are available in order to promote and develop it.

The role that parents have in fortifying their young children’s self worth can be successful basically by doing quite easy things. Things such as listening to them, showing appreciation for them and what they have the potential to do, and treating them with respect.

Allow children true responsibility. Permit them to be in charge of something–even if it is simply making their own bed in the morning. The idea they’re being depended upon, and that they can honestly contribute to the family, can help to nurture a self esteem and self worth in a positive direction.

Spend some good, quality time one on one with all of your kids. Be certain that the attention you give them during that time is undivided, however remember that it doesn’t always own to be something elaborate or even planned. Whether it’s reading a book or tossing a football, that time can help to enhance a positive self esteem.

Provide your children the opportunity to make choices. By providing kids with the chance to make choices when they’re young, parents can better prepare young children for the difficult decisions and choices they will have to make as they grow up. Having discussions and talks about choices and their consequences can help children to cultivate a positive self esteem about their ability to make smart choices.

Make certain that your children remember that they are good and they’re loved unconditionally. Remember that their worth shouldn’t be dependent on performance. Help them to see that setbacks can be opportunities, and make sure that you believe that as well.

There are numerous tools that are available to help you to show your children how amazing it is to be them. There are amazing self esteem games like Reach For The Stars, with healthy and well thought out activities that can reinforce that message in a captivating and fun way. At, we know how much you love your children because we love our own.

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