Boot Camps

Boot camps essentially training camps. The term ‘boot camp’ is derived from the grueling footwear that is provided to boot camp trainees in the military. Boot camps last for a couple of weeks and are specifically designed for special purposes.

The original boot camps are military boot camps. All branches of the armed forces have boot camps including the army, marines, coast guard, navy and air force. Boot camps for the military train their recruits in physical strength, weapon use, technical and theoretical knowledge, comradeship, leadership and discipline among many other code value. The actual effect of boot camps is more mental than physical. Trainees are deprived of sleep, food and communication and made to live in extremely unfavorable conditions to test how far they can push themselves.

Boot camps are also increasingly designed for juvenile offenders. These troubled teens live and serve in boot camps, while they are given training on how to live better in society. They are also taught some professional skills. Parents with problem children often send them to juvenile boot camps.

Today boot camps have become more of a fad. There are boot camps for almost every aspect of social life. Boot camps even exist for brides and for would-be parents. Here the emphasis is on how to improve their situation for incoming responsibilities. Fitness boot camps are becoming the latest craze. People don’t have to live in such boot camps – classes are conducted for just a few hours a week.

Many companies also provide boot camps for their workers. The companies sponsor these boot camps and workers are taught skills and, most importantly, core values of the company.

Most boot camp instructors are harsh-spoken, work-extracting people. They are experts in their own fields and are conditioned to exert their trainees to the maximum, in order to bring out their best. Boot camps end with elaborate ceremonies, where degrees or awards are given to the passed out candidates.

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